About Us

Founder and Owner

Laurel Stephenson is a full time communicator, marketing master, Mother and media junkie.

With a background in film and production, she brought her multi-media talents to the marketing world putting sales training on CD-ROM. When the magic of the internet arrived, Laurel was the first on-board, and became Target's first Webmaster. From there, she moved into marketing and producing roles for Martin/Williams, Emerson Process Management and Popular Front.

After years on the corporate roller-coaster and an awesome agency life, she struck out on her own -- combining her winning personality with varied industry experiences to open L Stephenson Productions. LSP is a full service marketing communications agency specializing in business-to-business communications. While she loves working with clients from heavy metal manufacturers to cutting edge technologies to healthy lifestyle; she still chases her passion for film, producing corporate video and animation projects for her clients as well as working on local productions, whenever appropriate roles are available.

When she is not ruling the B2B marketing world of manufacturing, you can find her wrangling her two teenage boys, chasing her huge dogs around or catching sun wherever she can find it!

LSP specializes in marketing communications, managing projects from strategic planning through creative production and development.

Whether you need a small, single project or a major campaign, we can provide the level of services to get it done. We serve a wide range of B2B and B2C clients, and our roster includes some of the world's leading industrial technology businesses as well as start-ups and community-focused nonprofits.

Based in Saint Paul, MN, LSP has more than 20 years of experience serving clients locally and across the country.

Our Agency Model

The Twin Cities is a hotbed of creative talent. Many experienced creatives have left the often-fickle world of agency employment to carve out a career as an independent freelancer. This is the group we draw from when we staff our projects.

It's an amazingly deep talent pool, which enables us to cherry-pick a team based on the skills and experience you need, when you need them. You'll work with the same creative team over and over again, and they will quickly become immersed in your business.

It's a win-for-all model. First, it allows us to match your project with creative talent that fits you best. Second, it gives these hardworking independents consistent access to great clients. Lastly, it allows LSP to offer a broad range of creative services while maintaining a lean in-house staff.

Client Focused

We’re great listeners. While we are process-focused in our approach, we recognize the need to adapt to your specific organizational methods and channels. Most importantly, we dive in to understand your business and how it is differentiated in a competitive landscape. Only then can we present you with the very best solutions.

We work with clients to:

  • Define long term communications goals
  • Determine immediate needs
  • Establish budget and timing
  • Deliver projects
    • On time
    • On target
    • On budget

Who We Work With

LSP has experience in a wide range of industries, including oil and gas, education, health care and building and construction. Recent projects have centered around industrial process management and commercial building services, particularly offerings that increase sustainability and optimize energy use.